Deficiency Quick Guide

BoronMay cause a vitamin D and calcium deficiency, impaired mental function and depressed mental alertness. 
Calcium: Muscle spasms, rickets, osteoporosis, aching Joints, brittle nails, eczema, elevated cholesterol, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, insomnia, muscle cramps, nervousness, numbness in arms and/or legs, a pasty complexion, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, cognitive Impairment, convulsions, depression, delusions, and hyperactivity. 
Chromium: Anxiety, fatigue, glucose intolerance, poor metabolism, weight gain, dermatitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, kidney & liver impairment. 
Cobalt: Low hemoglobin, poor blood, poor absorption of B12, copper and iron. 
Copper: Anemia, balding, prematurely gray, general weakness, skin sores, diarrhea, impaired respiratory function, and osteoporosis. 
Iodine: Weight gain, fatigue, breast cancer, poor metabolism, immune disorders, and in children possible retardation. 
Iron: Anemia, brittle hair, difficulty swallowing, digestive disturbances, dizziness, fatigue, fragile bones, hair loss, inflammation of the tissues of the mouth, spoon-shaped nails, nails with ridges running lengthwise, nervousness, obesity, pallor, and slow mental reactions. 
Magnesium: Insomnia, irritability, rapid heartbeat, confusion, muscle spasms, constipation, fatal cardiac arrhythmia, elevated blood pressure, seizures, tantrums, hypertension and sudden cardiac arrest, asthma, chronic fatigue, chronic pain syndrome, pulmonary disorders, and kidney stones. 
Manganese: Atherosclerosis, confusion, convulsions, eye problems, hearing problems, heart disorders, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, irritability, memory loss, muscle contractions, profuse perspiration, skin rashes, teeth grinding, tremors, pancreatic damage, and tendency toward breast ailments.
Molybdenum: Impotence in elderly men, increased heart rate, mouth and gum problems, increased respiratory rate and night blindness. 
Phosphorus: Fatigue, irritability, decreased appetite, bone pain, weakness, skin sensitivity, anxiety, irregular breathing, numbness, trembling and weight changes. 
Potassium: Dry skin, acne, chills, diarrhea, impaired cognitive function, muscle spasms, arrhythmia, constipation, edema, decreased reflex responses, insatiable thirst, glucose intolerance, growth retardation, insomnia, elevated cholesterol, depression, muscle fatigue, nausea, vomiting, periodic headaches, and decreased blood pressure. 
Selenium: Muscle weakness, fatigue, growth retardation, elevated cholesterol levels, low immune function, sterility, liver impairment, and pancreatic insufficiency and deficiency of selenium has been linked to cancer and heart disease. 
Silicon: Abdominal cramps, anorexia, confusion, dehydration, depression, dizziness, fatigue, flatulence, hallucinations, headaches, heart palpitations, impaired sense of taste, lethargy, low blood pressure, memory impairment, muscular weakness, nausea, vomiting, poor coordination, recurring infections, and weight loss. 
Sodium: Nausea, vomiting, anorexia, fatigue, flatulence, abdominal cramps, dehydration, confusion, depression, dizziness, palpitations, headaches, memory impairment, impaired taste, low blood pressure, weight loss and seizures. 
Sulfur: Joint pain, saggy skin, toxicity, bacterial infections, poor bowel movements and overall digestive issues. 
Vanadium: Cardiovascular disease, kidney disorders, impaired reproductive ability and insulin resistance. 
Zinc: Loss of sense of taste and smell, white spots in fingernails, thin and peeling fingernails, acne, fatigue, growth impairment, hair loss, high cholesterol, impaired night vision, impotence, poor immune function, infertility, memory impairment, prostate problems, poor wound healing and prone to diabetes. 
Vitamin A: Poor night vision, muscular degeneration, increased risk of cataracts, dry skin, dry hair, insomnia, fatigue, sinusitis, frequent colds and other respiratory conditions, acne, nerve damage, weight loss, loss of hearing, taste and sense of smell.
Vitamin B-1: Mild Appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, nervous system disorders, edema, enlarged heart, muscle weakness, digestive disorders, constipation, enlarged liver, forgetfulness, numbness in hands and feet, irritability and labored breathing. 

Vitamin B-2: Mild to severe cracks and sores in the corner of the mouth and tongue , red eyes, skin disorders, dizziness, hair loss, sleep disorders, sensitivity to light, poor digestion, dandruff and carpal tunnel. 

Vitamin B-3:  Canker sores, halitosis, headaches, indigestion, inability to sleep, dermatitis, skin eruptions, low blood sugar, week limbs and inflammation. 

Vitamin B-5: Anxiety, low adrenals, side effects of stress are compounded, fatigue, headaches, nausea, depression and low stamina. 

Vitamin B-6:  Anemia, seizures, headaches, nausea, dry and flaky skin, sore tongue, cracks on mouth, acne, anorexia, arthritis, conjunctivitis, depression, dizziness, fatigue, hyperirritability, slow healing processes, poor memory, learning disabilities, hair loss, hearing problems, oily facial skin and carpal tunnel. 

Vitamin B-12: Chronic fatigue, poor gait, bone loss, constipation, dizziness, drowsiness, enlarged liver, eye problems, headaches, hallucinations, labored breathing, moodiness, nervousness, memory loss, migraines, digestive disorders, heart palpitations, ringing in the ears, neurological damage, and pernicious anemia. 

Biotin: Anemia, depression, hair loss, high blood sugar, inflammation, pale skin, inflamed mucous membranes, insomnia, and loss of appetite, muscular pain, nausea, and sore tongue. 
Choline: Gallbladder issues, impaired liver function, high cholesterol, impaired brain function, Parkinson’s, various heart issues, gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, inability to digest fats, and kidney impairment.
Folate/Folic Acid:  Sore red tongue, anemia, apathy, digestive problems, fatigue, prematurely gray hair, insomnia, labored breathing, memory problems, paranoia and weakness. 

Inositol: Arteriosclerosis, constipation, hair loss, high cholesterol, irritability, mood swings, obsessive compulsive disorder, and skin eruptions. 

PABA: Depression, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders, prematurely gray hair, irritability, nervousness and patchy areas of white skin.
Vitamin C: Poor wound healing, gum disorders, bleeding gums, edema, pinpoint hemorrhages under the skin (tiny spots, size of needle of blood at surface of the skin), exhaustion, susceptibility to infection, bronchial infections, joint pain, poor digestion, teeth problems and bruise easily. 

Vitamin D: Loss of appetite, burning in the mouth and throat, diarrhea, insomnia, eye problems, lowered immune function, high cholesterol and weight loss. 

Vitamin E:  Menstrual problems, neuromuscular impairment, miscarriage, impaired balance and coordination, damage to the retina, liver issues, heart problems, infertility in both men and women and uterine degeneration. 

Vitamin K:  Liver issues, intestinal disorders, increased infections, abnormal bleeding, internal bleeding, blood sugar issues and osteoporosis. 

Vitamin P/Bioflavonoids:
  Poor absorption of Vitamin C, poor circulation, damaged capillaries, high cholesterol, cataracts, bacterial infection and poor bile production. I

Coenzyme Q10:  Poor immune function, low energy, periodontal disease, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, allergies, asthma, respiratory disorders, poor mental function, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, candidiasis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and prematurely aging. 

Alanine: Poor glucose metabolism, low energy, toxicity, muscle weakness and fatigue. 

Arginine:  High levels of body fat, poor glucose metabolism, joint pain, excessive scarring, poor wound healing, and tendency for viruses. 

Asparagine:  Overly nervousness to excessive calm, slow mental function and low energy. 

Aspartic: Acid Low stamina, fatigue, depression, poor metabolism, chronic fatigue and high ammonia levels. 

Carnitine:  Low energy, fatty liver, fat around the heart, high body fat, chronic fatigue, at risk for diabetes, poor fat metabolism, obesity, high triglycerides, muscular dystrophy, low antioxidant levels, confusion, heart pain, muscle weakness and low muscle mass. 

Carnosine:  Diabetes, kidney failure, neuropathy and prematurely aging. 

Citrulline:  Low energy, low immune, poor metabolism and high ammonia levels. 

CysteineCystine:  (Two separate, but closely related amino acids.) Poor elasticity in skin, problems with nails and hair, difficulty digesting proteins, high levels of toxicity, cellular mutation, high levels of body fat, low metabolism, difficulty building lean muscle, excessive mucous, respiratory disorders and low immune function. 

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid/GABA: Anxiety, poor brain function, hypertension, low sex drive, prostate issues, nervousness, poor coordination, cravings, addiction and depression. 

Glutamic Acid: Personality disorders, behavioral issues, low metabolism, high ammonia levels and 

Glutamine: Low mental activity, acidic, poor digestion, weak muscle tone, weight issues and joint pain. 

Glutathione: Poor fat metabolism, low metabolism, digestion issues, possible liver issues, low bile production, lack of coordination, mental disorders, tremors and advanced aging. 

Glycine: Muscle degeneration, low energy, acidic gut, prostate issues, epilepsy, manic/bipolar depression and hyperactivity. 

Histidine: High blood pressure, prone to nerve damage, high levels of heavy metal found in the body, rheumatoid arthritis, associated nerve deafness, low sex drive and low stomach acid. 

Isoleucine:  Blood sugar imbalances, low energy, poor endurance, slow muscle repair, hypoglycemia, mental and physical disorders. 

Leucine: Slow recovery rates, elevated blood sugar, poor muscle tone and saggy skin. 

Lysine:  Poor calcium absorption, slow to heal, high triglycerides, prone to viruses such as herpes, colds, etc. anemia, bloodshot eyes, enzyme disorders, hair loss, poor concentration, irritability, lack of energy, poor appetite, reproductive disorders and weight loss.