Collection: Hair Analysis Test and At-Home Test

Nutritional Test

With this test you find out what you're deficient in and in doing that, helps you identify problems that may be brewing inside you, some you may know about and others you never had a hint were festering, all because of a lack in specific nutrients. Find out what you're deficient in and stop playing the guessing game!

Intolerant Test

This test does just what it says! Our lab test your DNA against over 750 of the most common foods and over 700 non-food items to find out what you're allergic to. This test is a great way to identify what foods benefit your specific body and what foods you should absolutely stay away from!

Heavy Metal Test

From the womb onward, we’re exposed to thousands of toxic substances every day. There are pesticides in the food you eat, pollutants in the air you breathe, and countless other toxins hiding in plain sight. Among the worst toxins are heavy metals. Find out which heavy metals are lurking in your system!

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